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BrainWizardPhD (BWiz) is a free Windows authoring tool to enable anyone to easily develop secure (encrypted) smart documents using any common word processor that outputs HTML. These documents can include:
·       Quizzes & Tests 
·       Encrypted Questionnaires and Forms 
·       E-books 
·       Guides 
·       Encrypted Emails and Telegrams

The BWiz smart documents are created by authors who simply write their materials in a word processor that produces HTML output and then feed the HTML files to BWiz Teacher or BWiz Professor, which produces the smart documents  as output.  Absolutely no knowledge of HTML is required for almost all of the BWiz features - use Microsoft Word or the free Open Office or LibreOffice. 

The BWiz smart documents made by authors/teachers are then sent to students/readers/consumers/clients who use BWiz Student to learn or respond. 

BWiz Student in concept is very similar to a PDF reader - download a program and use it to read documents in a special format.  BWiz Teacher and BWiz Professor are similar to a PDF authoring tool.  However authors need only use their favorite HTML-producing word processor (e.g., MS Word) and then use BWiz to post-process the word processor HTML output to produce the special format that BWiz Student uses.  Therefore, the learning curve for authors is minimal. 

Unlike a PDF reader, BWiz employs the user's favorite Internet browser as its GUI. 
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